Csupor Anna – Interior designer

There are so many people with good taste in the world. Many are able to distinguish the stunning from the less stunning. But only a few have the talent to create something of good taste and suited for everyone. I look at the challenges of interior decoration within my own life. I feel that it should be sincere, simple, and resonate with what I believe.

My main passion is experimenting on individuality and personalization. Trends do not drive me. My purpose and vision is to plan livable spaces to be enjoyed by all. That is what excites me and make things matter in this world. I never consider my work only as a business instead of exciting and honorific confidant contact.



Budapest P_56

Budapest B_4



Budapest, B19_A

Budapest, B19_B

Budapest, Ü23



Budapest, Container house

Budapest, R20

Budapest, K53


Budapest, W8

Budapest, D39

Budapest, A50

Budapest, P60

Budapest, A10

Budapest, Családi ház

Wellness Hotel

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